Mac mini a1176 optical drive replacement

It helps to start in the middle, then work along the edge until the bottom housing pops up slightly.

Next insert the putty knife into the crevice on the optical drive slot side of the computer. Pry the putty knife downward while working along the edge of the mini until the bottom housing further separates from the top housing.

At this point, there should be a noticeable gap between the bottom and top housing around the perimeter of the mini. It may be necessary to wiggle the top housing while lifting it off the bottom housing. If any of the tabs get stuck on the top housing, use the putty knife to free them. Later in this guide you will remove several recessed Phillips screws.


Bit drivers are generally too large to fit in the recesses, so be sure to have a thin shafted Phillips screwdriver on hand. First remove the AirPort antenna the larger of the two , located near the power button. Slightly squeeze the two retaining arms toward each other and lift the AirPort antenna off its post. Squeezing the two posts excessively will surely break them off the internal frame.

Hard Drive & SSD options

Work delicately. During reinstallation, you will have to slightly squeeze the two posts together so they fit into the openings on the AirPort antenna board. Use the tip of a spudger to slightly lift the left side of the ZIF cable lock up from its socket. The ZIF cable lock will lift about 1 mm and stop.

MacMini model A1238 (2009) Optical Drive Fix

Do not try to completely remove the ZIF cable lock. If it refuses to lift from its socket, the ZIF cable lock is not fully released. Make sure it is evenly lifted about 1 mm from the socket on the interconnect board. Use a pair of tweezers to lift the hard drive thermal sensor cable connector up off its socket on the logic board. Use tweezers to grab the connector as seen in the picture , not the wires. The connector is located under the optical drive opening, next to the PRAM battery.

In the next few steps, you will remove the four Phillips screws securing the internal frame to the bottom case. Included in each step is an overview picture showing the general location and a closeup showing the actual screw. Remove the recessed Phillips screw near the power button securing the internal frame to the bottom housing. Volume Savings. ShopRunner Eligible. United States.

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Mac mini Model A1176 SSD Installation

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