Samsung 840 evo mac pro 2010

Josh Richman and kingseamus like this. In no case have I done anything other than format them with the default settings in Apple Disc Utility.

Samsung 850 EVO & Mac Pro 4,1 - SATA II? TRIM or NOT?

I never used a third-party TRIM utility or worried or thought about it for a second. In the three or four years I've been using them I have not had any problems or issues of any kind, with a total of 12x pro 1tb, 8x pro 2tb, and 2x evo 4tb so far. The Evo vs Pro decision is up to you - the Pro is technically rated for almost twice the total number of write cycles as the Evo, but whether you will ever reach that number of write cycles before the drive gets replaced by a newer model that has double the capacity at half the cost, only you can say. In general, if you're using the drive to hold sample libraries for playback, you will be reading from the drive far more than you'll ever be writing to it, so for this application the Evo is probably fine.

I have all Pro drives except for the two giant 4tb Evo drives I have, but the only reason I got those in the Evo model is because the Pro 4tb is not on the streets yet - but those two drives are only holding Kontakt libraries for playback, so no worries there. As the 1tb and 2tb Pro drives in my collection get cycled out of sample playback duty due to being replaced by bigger drives, they get repurposed as primary audio and project drives.

Click the "Show More Specs" tab on these Samsung web pages for relative numbers on the write-cycle durability of Evo vs Pro: Notice the difference between the various year's models on the OWC web pages below: Josh Richman , JaikumarS , zacnelson and 2 others like this. Many thanks synthpunk and charlieclouser! It sounds like the 2TB Evo should suit me just fine. Charlie, thanks for the note regarding the tray adapters, too. Will make sure to pick up the compatible option!

Upgrade a Macbook Pro : SAMSUNG 860 EVO MACBOOK SSD

I also have a 4,1 tower. I have a tray with my system drive on an SSD but use the other bays for my audio drives. I use bus powered USB 3. I'm sure you will notice a huge boost in disc speed from an Evo - as soon as I got one, it was like the clouds had parted!

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I'm sure there will be a massive improvement when I load up more demanding sample libraries. And thanks pdub for the mention of bus-powered USB 3. Was getting the power cable connected a pain at all? Jan 11, My result comes from BlackMagic's SpeedTest app. I never really tested them in the silver tower, just plugged 'em in and got to work. Remember the days of trying to make sure your FW drive had the coveted "Oxford" bridge chip?

Unfortunately, I do Now that's impressive.

How to Upgrade Mac Pro Tower to SSD (Fastest Storage):

That's why I put the Omnisphere factory library on the cylinder's boot drive - finally I can flip through patches in Omnisphere without massive lag on patch switching. It's nice. I'm thinking the boot drive is probably similar technology to m2 drives, so I'm kind of looking forward to a Thunderbolt box that takes m2 drive sticks and can light them up at full speed, but I haven't seen any yet, and the biggest m2 stick I've seen is 1tb, whereas SATA Evo drives go to 4tb, so it will take a minute for the tech to mature.

When I can get a TB box that holds a row of m2 sticks and can raid them into a single volume, and we have bigger m2 capacities, I might have to get on board, but for now the MultiDock and SATA drives is fine. Interestingly, OWC makes a replacement for the cylinder's boot drive that can go all the way to 4tb, but it's not m2, it's the Apple proprietary thing, which looks sort of like a gigantic m2 card.

But it is not cheap. At all.

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And I'm not sure if it's really as fast as the stock Apple one. Josh Richman , synthpunk , jononotbono and 1 other person like this. Jan 12, Thanks for the post Charlie. They also have a PCI slot drive that gets faster than 6gbs speed.

Here Are links: Greg Jones D7 Inc http: It supports TRIM through terminal and has a 10 year warranty. Super fast and not too expensive. Warren Eig O email: I ran a test David. Attaching a screen shot. It appears that Greg is absolutely correct, in that it's probably running at either 1. Since mine is only my boot drive I'm not overly concerned, as it is twice as fast as a single spinning disk, however, it is somewhat surprising that it can't perform up to 6G specs like many spinning disks can.

I ran the same test on my samsung evo and it gets around MBS then goes to 32 after about 45 seconds. I'm using the Pro not the EVO. Premiere started crashing last week too.

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